Healthcare provider specializing in sleep disorders – Website

Client: Zoellner Medical Group Website
Date: October , 2023

Project Overview:

I had the privilege of creating an informative and user-friendly website for Zoellner Medical Group, a dedicated healthcare provider specializing in sleep disorders, with a particular focus on Sleep Apnea. The goal was to design an online platform that educates and informs visitors about sleep disorders and the importance of seeking diagnosis and treatment for Obstructed Sleep Apnea (OSA).

Key Features and Achievements:

  1. Informative Content: The website is designed to provide comprehensive information about Sleep Apnea and its impact on individuals. It educates visitors about the causes and risks associated with OSA, emphasizing its seriousness.
  2. Access to Partner Facilities: The website facilitates access to partner facilities where sleep studies are conducted. Visitors can easily navigate to specific facility information for more details.
  3. Health Education: The website addresses the potential consequences of untreated OSA, including high blood pressure, heart disease, fatigue-related accidents, and more. It emphasizes the importance of seeking diagnosis and treatment.
  4. User-Friendly Navigation: The website offers a user-friendly experience, allowing visitors to access specific information about Sleep Apnea and related facilities with ease.
  5. Promoting Health: The website serves as a platform for promoting health awareness and encouraging individuals to take their sleep health seriously. It provides insights into the risks of untreated Sleep Apnea.

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