Ben Brock Music Website

Client: Ben Brock Music
Date: October , 2023

Project Overview:

I had the privilege of creating a fully responsive website for Ben Brock Music, a talented songwriter deeply rooted in the red dirt music tradition. The goal was to design an online platform that authentically reflects Ben’s musical journey, his heartfelt lyrics, and his distinctive sound, which is passionately shaped by over a decade of gigging in the heart of red dirt country.

Key Features and Achievements:

  1. Fully Responsive Design: The website is meticulously designed to be fully responsive, ensuring a seamless user experience on both laptops and mobile devices. This responsive design enhances accessibility for fans and music enthusiasts.
  2. Red Dirt Tradition: The website emphasizes Ben’s deep connection to the red dirt music tradition, which is showcased through his heartfelt and sometimes melancholic songs. It captures the essence of Oklahoma’s musical roots.
  3. Powerful Storytelling: Ben’s storytelling ability through his voice and straightforward guitar playing is highlighted. It is portrayed as the most powerful instrument, drawing fans into the narratives and emotions of his songs.

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